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Cred App Review 2021: Is it Safe to use Cred for Credit Card Payments?

Cred App has become one of the most famous apps to pay credit card dues. They won’t only help you to pay your dues but also providing you some of the existing Rewards. Cred has a 4.7-star rating out of 5 stars on the play store with over 5 Million Plus download. Which shows that the Cred App is trusted by Millions.

Credit Card has become a great way of making payment to complete our daily transactions like Electricity bill payments, Phone Bill payments, and many other daily transactions. You don’t need to carry the cash all the time. You just need a credit card to make all of your payments. Whenever you pay a credit card bill on time the bank provides you reward coins which you can use to redeem multiple vouchers.

There are multiple ways to pay credit card bill payments and also there are some ways through which you get rewards to make payments. In this blog, We will be Review the Cred App which I am personally using for the past 8 months

Before starting the Review of Cred let’s answer some of the question related to Credit Card Payments:

What if I don’t pay credit card bill?

If you don’t pay credit card bill payment then the bank will impose High-interest rates which are 3.5% per month in India and still you don’t make the payment within 6 months then your Credit Card will be blocked and your bank will blacklist. Your credit score will also affect and credit card payment default will be shown in your Credit score for 7 years.

Can I pay credit card with cash?

Yes, you can pay credit card bill by cash. You can go to the nearest branch and deposit the cash there to make credit card payments. Please ask your bank about the charges for making payment through cash.

CRED Review

cred, cred app, Cred Review

One of the best ways to make a credit card payment is through Cred. Cred is one of the safest methods to make pay Credit Card bill. You can put your credit card details in the Cred app and they will save the details in the app ( Cred doesn’t ask for CVV or Pin). Cred App only allows those customers whose credit score is either 750 or more. If your credit score is less than 750 Cred will put your application on a waiting list and advice you to increase your Credit Score.

Is Cred Safe?

One of the questions you all will be wondering that ” Is Cred Safe?”. Cred is one of the safest apps and it’s even recommended by most of the banks. Even the Bank staff member also use this app to pay credit card bills and earn rewards.

Whenever you made the credit card payments through Cred App they typically made the transaction on your credit card within 10 minutes. The Customer service is also great if the payment doesn’t reflect your bank account, you can contact them and they will definitely solve your problem.

Cred App is approved by the RBI ( Reserve Bank of India). Whenever you register yourself for the first time in Cred they will verify your details with Cred App. The involvement of RBI means that the App is Legit and very safe.

If we talk about the Cred Review on Play store it has more than a 4.7-star rating which is more than all other Credit card payment apps. Apart from this, the app is downloaded by more than 5 Million play store users.

Benefits of Cred App:

Cred, Credit Card
  1. Alert on Whatsapp:

One of the best advantages of using the Cred app is that they remind you of your credit card payment dues on WhatsApp and they even analyze your Spending Pattern and if something suspicious happens they will alert you. Their alert helps you to make the payment on time and also helps you to prevent any suspicious activity on Credit Card.

2. Raffle Rewards:

Raffle rewards are one of the most exciting rewards on the Cred App. There is a Raffle ticket Contest on Cred App where you have to buy a ticket using your Cred Coins and if you win that contest then you will get rewards like a Mercedes Car, Foreign Holiday packages, and many other exciting rewards.

3. Other Rewards:

Cred App provides you coins whenever you pay a credit card bill and these coins can be used as “Kill the Bill” to earn cashback. You can earn a cashback of up to 1 Lakhs depending upon your credit card payments. They typically pay around Rs 100 whenever you use 10,000 cred coins to earn cashback.

Apart from the cashback they also provide you lots of voucher-like Shopping Voucher, Travelling voucher and many other vouchers. There is a Cred Shop as well where you can buy products by redeeming your coins there are multiple kinds of products available in the Cred Shop. You can even book a Vacation at 5 Star by redeeming these Coins at the Cred App.

How to Register on Cred App?

  • Download the Cred App ( Click here to download)
  • Add your Contact number which is registered with the Bank
  • After registering the Number, Cred App will check all your details and If your Cibil Score is more than 750 they will approve your application otherwise they will put your application on hold and provide you a proper guide to increase your Cibil Score.
  • After Registration, Now you have to add your credit card details ( Cred doesn’t ask for CVV or Pin)
  • That’s it, Once you register your Card with Cred you can make payments by click on the “Pay Button”.


I am using Cred for pat 8 months and till now I never experienced any payment failure and my payment usually reflects my bank account within a minute. Cred is one of the safest apps as it is approved by the RBI. If you want to earn rewards by paying your credit card dues then Cred App is for you.

I read lots of reviews and feedback on the Cred App and I notice that whenever there is a payment failure you can easily contact Cred Customer care and they will solve your problem and you get your payment back within 24 hours and the payment failure rarely happens.

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