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How to Earn Money on Instagram

There was a time when social media channels like Facebook were used as a photo-sharing app but now the time has been changed. Now we have seen lots of Social Media Influencers, Social Media Pages who are earning from this Social Media Sites and you are here because you probably saw lots of Influencers and pages who are earning and you also want to know “How to Earn Money on Instagram”.

There are lots of Social Media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, and many others but among all of them Facebook has grown way more than other Social Media sites, It has more than billions of daily active users. If you want to grow your community and want to start earning then Starting with Instagram would be great.

Do you know ” Virat Kohli charges Rs 1,35,66,749 for a single post on Instagram” and “Priyanka Chopra charges $2,89,000 ( Rs 2 Crore) for a single post on Instagram”.

Virat Kohli Instagram, Priyanka Chopra Instagram, Celeb earnings from Instagram

Now you might be wondering how Virat Kohli, Priyanka Chopra, and other celebs get so paid so much for a single post, the only reason is their audience. They have a huge audience who wants to follow their lifestyle and whatever the product they promote lots of audiences will definitely look at that product.

Before starting you should know some simple matrics:

What is Engagement Rate?

Engagement Rate basically means how actively your audience engages with your post by sharing it, Liking it, or commenting on it.

What is a Good Engagement Rate:

Less Than 1%: very Low
Between: 1%-3%: Average
Between 3%-5%: High
Above 5%: Very High

Tools to measure Engagement Rate:


How Many Followers do you need to start earning from Instagram?

One of the key factors that brands look at is the number of followers the page or an influencer has but no one has set a particular limit of followers you need to start earning. It is considered that if you have” at least 2,000-3,000 followers” then you can start approaching.

Nowadays the most important things brands considered is the Engagement Rate, Engagement Rate is one of the key factor brands look at. If you have 10K followers but the Engagement rate is low then there are fewer chances that the brand will consider you but if you have 5,000 followers with a great Engagement rate then there is a high chance that brands will consider you.

The engagement Rate is not only beneficial to the influencer but it is beneficial to everyone who is thinking to start earning from Instagram. You have to consistent on Instagram and always try to increase your Engagement Rate.

PRO TIP: If you are starting your Instagram account then start with a Niche having fewer influencers as it will help you to earn more even with fewer followers and Engagement Rate.

How to Earn Money on Instagram

There are several blogs telling you different ways to Earn Money on Instagram but in this blog, I will tell you the ways through which I earned and through which my friends are earning. All of these methods are tested and helped me to earn on Instagram.

1. Affiliate Marketing

You might be heard of lots of YouTubers, Bloggers promising a 6 or 7 figure income in just a week from affiliate marketing. These are just scammy ways to attract more and more audience to their YouTube channel or to their Blog.

Affiliate Marketing helps you to earn 6 or 7 figure income but you can’t earn this much income within a week. You need the patience to earn from affiliate marketing.

For those who don’t know what is Affiliate Marketing, In Affiliate Marketing you promote someone else’s product and when someone makes a sale through your code you get a particular commission.

There are lots of affiliate program which you can join like MaxBounty, ClickBank, Amazon Associate and there are many other Affiliate Program you can join. You can just go to the companies profile and check their affiliate program. Almost every company has an Affiliate Programme.

How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing:
  • Create an account with some of the best Affiliate Marketing network available in the Market
  • Find out the product having a higher payout with a high selling rate
  • Post the link in your bio and explain a little bit about it in Bio
  • Create a post related to the product and try to convenience your audience to go to that link and buy that product.
  • Create a post on a daily basis and to convenience the audience and don’t change the product frequently
  • DM your followers about the product and tell them the benefits of that product.
Best Affiliate Network:

PRO TIP: Instead of promoting physical products try to promote Digital Products as usually in Physical products you can earn up to 15% but in Digital Products you can earn up to 70% commission.

Sponsored Posts

Do you know more than 80% of buyers make purchases after watching the Influencer post or after reading their reviews. Even Companies are nowadays putting more budget to Influencer Market.

To get more by becoming an Influencer you need huge followers with a good Engagement Rate.

If you have an Engagement Rate less than 1% then there will be fewer chances to get the Sponsored Post. While you are starting your Instagram Account try to buy the products and click some great picks with the products and post them to your Instagram handle and tag the brand and put their hashtags as well. This will help you to come under the brand eye and if brand promote your post on their status then you will get more followers as well.

You might be wondering how will you be able to find out the Brand looking for a promotion from Influencers.

How to get started with Sponsored Post:

There are 2 ways to get more sponsored products, One way is that you can send Mails to companies stated that you are interested in promoting their products with the number of Followers and Engagement Rate and also show them some past promotions

The second way is you can contact the various agencies who tied up with the brands. These agencies can easily help you to get sponsored products. They post the requirements of their handle with the minimum number of followers and Engagement rate required and if you fulfill that criteria then you can contact them.

List of some of the best Influencer Marketing Platforms:

PRO TIP: Register your account with the agencies to get sponsored products and once you reach 10k-20k followers with an engagement rate of minimum then start pitching to companies.

E-Commerce Store

You have definitely seen lots of E-Commerce store on Instagram, some are spammy and some are genuine. E-Commerce stores are one of the most trendy ways to earn money on Instagram. Instagram and Facebook have a different section for Shopping.

If you already have a store then you can easily start posting your products on Instagram and can easily double your sale but if you don’t have the products then there are hundreds of apps available in the market providing you the products which you can sell on Instagram and earn commissions.

There are thousands of Instagram accounts selling the products online and these pages have already developed their audience. So if you are new and just starting E-Commerce Store then you should start by promoting a particular category of products, don’t promote every product. Suppose if you are starting promoting watches then stick to watches don’t start promoting shoes, clothes, and other products.

Always post the Reviews of your users on your post and stories and check out the prices of other dealers as well and set your price according to their prices.

PRO TIP: Try to post videos and photos of the offline store as it will help you to create trust with the followers and also try to provide products at COD.

There are many other ways as well that can help you to earn money through Instagram but these 3 methods are some of the famous methods which help you to earn money on Instagram in the Long term.

Don’t except a huge income within months, try to grow your audience and interact with them through DM to gain their trust. Don’t do cheap activities like Follow Unfollow, Instagram doesn’t like these activities.

If you have any doubts, you can comment down below and I will definitely try to solve your problem.

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