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Best Hashtag Generator for Instagram | Hashtag Rank Tracker- Free Tool

If you want to grow your Instagram account then you should use proper hashtags. According to a survey, posts without hashtags receive 13% less engagement than the ones with Hashtags. There are some banned hashtags which if you use will have a negative impact on your post. Picking the Right Hashtag isn’t an easy task, to solve your problem there is Hashtag Generator for Instagram which helps you to select the best Hashtags for your Instagram account in no time.

There are lots of Hashtag Generator for Instagram but here I will provide you a full detail of the one of best Hashtag Generator For Instagram which is used by most Influencer and Blogger and have given positive results. If you use the right Hashtag Strategy you will definitely get positive results.

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Best HashTag Generator for Instagram

There are lots of Hashtag Generator available online but which one is the best. You can only find out this by using the one but it will consume a lot of time. So, here we have picked the two best Hashtag Generator for Instagram. We have used lots of HashTags Generator and then come up with the 2 which have lots of features you might need. Along with the HashTag, these generators provide you your account details, Analytics, Banned Hashtags, and lots of other useful stuff.

One of them is a paid tool while other one is free to use.


The flick is one of the best Hashtag Generator for Instagram. It has everything you need to grow your Social Media account, It shows you everything from Best Hashtags to your profile analytics. If you are an Influencer and Blogger and wants to know every inch of your account and the hashtags that will work best then you should try Flick.

Flick is a paid tool but you can try a “7 Days free trial” to understand the details of Flick and to know how to use the tool. If you like the tool you can continue otherwise you can cancel the subscription.


  • Track your rank on particular Hashtags, Rank Ratio, Average Best Rank, Efficiency Score and timed to rank.
  • Banned Hashtag checker to check which hashtag is banned or unbanned
  • Hashtag Data: Average Likes, Comment, Competition Score, and other useful stuff
  • Get Suggestion for relevant and best Hashtag


  • Solo Plan: £7/month (approx ₹605)
  • Growth Plan £12/month (approx ₹1040)
  • Pro Plan: £19/month (approx ₹1645)
  • Agency: £40/month (approx ₹3462)
  • You can try a 7-day free trial and if you won’t like it you can cancel it.

2. Meta Hashtag

Hashtag Generator, Hashtag for Instagram, Hashtag Generator for Instagram

Meta Hashtag is a free tool that you can use to generate Hashtags. It’s one of the most used tools in 2020 and in 2021 also it’s one of the most famous Hashtag generator for Instagram for free. If you are looking for a free toll then you can go with the Meta Hashtag. It helps you to generate Hashtags and helps you to track your rank on hashtags and also let you know the banned hashtag.


  • Meta Hashtag helps you to generate Hashtag relevant to your post
  • It shows Average likes, Comment, Post per hour, and much other important stuff
  • You can track your Hashtags rank and check where are you ranking
  • It also shows you the banned hashtags so you don’t use them


Although Meta Hashtag is free to use, you can generate hashtags without paying any amount but if you want to use the premium feature then you have to pay.

  • Basic: £6/month (approx ₹520)
  • Premium: £13/month (approx ₹1126)
  • Pro: £20/month (approx ₹1731)

Meta Hashtag runs 7 day money back guarantee, so if you didn’t like the tool you can take your refund.

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