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How to Find Best Hashtags to Increase Likes & Followers

Do you want to increase Likes and Followers on Instagram through Organic ways then one of the best techniques to do that is to get find relevant and best Hashtags Trending on Instagram. Hashtags are one of the best ways to increase Engagement, According to the research, the post with Hashtags gets 20% more Engagement than the post doesn’t have Hashtags.

The number of Instagram users following the Hashtags is increasing and if you use the hashtags people are following then your post will appear on their timeline and you will saw an increase in Engagement. Before beginning let’s answer some of the questions which help you might have while searching the Hashtags.

How Many Hashtags can I use on Instagram?

Instagram has set a limit of 30 Hashtags, If you add more than 30 Hashtags then your post won’t be published on Instagram. If you want to grow your Instagram account then try to use between 25-30 hashtags. Don’t put the hashtags in the Comment section always use the Hashtags in the Caption.

Does Hashtags still work in 2020?

The answer is Yes, Hashtags are one of the best ways to get to the more and more audience. According to the data, the post with Hashtags gets 20% more engagement than the post without Hashtags.

Best time to post on Instagram India?

If you are an Indian and want to post on Instagram to grow then try to post between 1 PM -3 PM as these are the Lunch timings and people usually use Instagram during Lunch Timings and another best time to post is after 7 PM as most of the people visiting back to their home. The best days to post on Instagram are Wednesday and Friday, So try to post more on these days to increase engagement.

Hashtags for Insta, How to find hashtags for insta, Hashtag on Instagram

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 Hashtags on a single post and I suggest you use at least 25 hashtags to grow your audience. In this blog, I will tell you how to find the best hashtags and how to optimize these hashtags to get a better result. I will share the whole strategy to pick the best 3o Hashtags for your post. So let’s start with the optimization first and then we will discuss the ways of finding the best Hashtags for Insta Post.

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How to optimize Hashtags for Insta post

You know Instagram allows you to use 30 Hashtags, but now you might be wondering how to find the 30 hashtags and how to know whether you should a particular hashtag on Instagram or not. So let me tell you how you can Optimize the 30 Hashtags for Insta post.

I divided hashtags in 4 categories to understand the optimization quite easy:

  • King hashtag: More than 1 Million Posts
  • Moderate hashtag: Posts between 100k-1Million
  • Low Moderate Hashtag: Posts between 10K-100K
  • Specific Hashtag: Very few posts
King Hashtags- Use 5 King Hashtags

King Hashtags are the ones having millions of posts, these hashtags are the hashtags that trending for a particular kind of post.

Hashtag for Insta, Hashtag on Instagram

Let’s understand it with an Example Suppose I am looking for a Hashtags for Tech So my first 5 hashtags would be the Hashtags which will appear at the top Like #technology, #techno, #technews, #tech, #techhouse. All of these Hashtags appear at the top and having lots of searches so if you ranked at the top in these hashtags then your post will definitely have thousands of reach within few hours.

As these hashtags have millions of Post so of your post appeared at the top then it lasts up to a few hours but it will attract thousands of audiences. Don’t only focus on these hashtags as there is very tough competition on these Hashtags. Lots of the most famous influencer and Brand used these hashtags

Moderate Hashtags-Use 10 Hashtags for Insta Post

Moderate Hashtags are the one having medium searches These Hashtags are the one having 100K- 1Million posts. The benefit of using these hashtags is that they attract an audience for a few days as they have less competition as compared to King Hashtags.

Hashtag for Insta post, Hashtag for insta

Let’s understand it with the same example for Moderate hashtags I will pick hashtags like #techlovers, #techlove, #technoparty, #techwear, #technofamily, #techgadgets, and other hashtags.

These hashtags have less competition and less Audience as compared to King Hashtags but these Hashtags would provide your post a reach for few days

Low Moderate Hashtags-Use 10 Hashtags for Insta Post

Now Low Moderate Hashtags are the one having a 10K-100k post. These Hashtags are not so in trend but if you have fewer followers then you should use them more often.

These hashtags have low competition so you can easily rank at the top and once you rank your post will attract an audience for weeks or for even months. Try to put your whole focus on Low Moderate Hashtags if you have less than 20K followers.

Specific Hashtags & Branded Hashtags

Specific hashtags are the one which is exactly related to your post. If you have a page related to Digital Marketing and your post is related to Instagram growth then use hashtags like #instagramgrowth, #instagramaccountgrowth, and some branded hashtags like your Page name for Example #Technicalbars #technicalbarschallange.

You can easily rank at the top and if someone visits these hashtags then you will easily reach your targeted audience. These Hashtags help you to attract the audience looking for that particular post. These posts have a very fewer audience so use 4-5 Hashtags on your Insta post.

PRO TIP: “If you have an insta account with less than 20K Followers then put your focus on Moderate and Low Moderate Hashtag. If you want to attract sales then put your focus on Specific Hashtags and Branded Hashtag.

So these are the ways to optimize your Hashtags. Now you know how To optimize Hashtags so now let’s discuss about how to Find the Keywords best fits under King, Moderate, Low-Moderate. As there are thousands of Hashtags so you should know how to find the best one to get the best out of them.

How to find best hashtags on instagram

1. Size of hashtags on Instagram
2. Check out Competitor’s Hashtags
3. Hashtags Audience Using
4. Related Hashtags on Instagram
5. Avoid Spammy and Ban Hashtags
6. Hashtag generator for Instagram
1.Size of Hashtags on Instagram

Size of the Hashtag you are picking for your Instagram Post matters a lot. Size means the number of post on Hashtag.

If you just started your page and you are putting lots of King Hashtags which have more than 1 million post then you won’t get any benefit from the Hashtag. As these hashtags are already used by lots of users who has huge audience.

Below table help you to get the better Combination of the Hashtags

1-20K Followers10 Moderate+ 15Low Moderate+ 5 Specific
20K-100K Followers5 King+15 Moderate+ 5Low Moderate+ 5 Specific
More than 100K10 King+ 15 Moderate + 5 Specific
2. Check out Competitor’s Hashtags

One of the smartest and the best ways to finding the hashtags for Insta is analyzing your competitors’ hashtags. First, find out your competitor and check out their post with lots of likes, & Comments and check out the Hashtags they used in that post and if that post is relevant to you then you can use that Hashtags on your post.

Do this research on 5-10 Competitor’s and if you find some common used hashtags then try to put that in your post.

3. Hashtag Audience Using

There are a lots of hashtags your Audience is already using, try to check out the Hashtags they are using. This will help you to find out which type of Hashtags your audience usually used.

For Example if you are selling Grooming Products then find out whether Grooming Products buyer is using #buygroomingproduct or #groomingproduct. Use what audience is using helps you too attract more sales.

4. Related Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram gives you an option to get the Related hashtags by just clicking on the button next to the Follow button. These Related Hashtags help you to get more hashtags related to your Hashtags which you can use on your post. These are the Hashtags your Audience is already using so if you can try to use them.

5. Avoid Spammy and Banned Hashtag

There are some inappropriate post which are banned on Instagram but sometimes users uses hashtags for inappropriate content then Instagram banned that Hashtag. You can use banned hashtags but no one can see stories or post on the Banned Hashtags.

Don’t use these kinds of hashtags as they are irrelevant as no one would be able to see your content and Instagram will decline the Reach of your post if you use Banned Hashtag.

Spammy Hashtags are the one which attract the spam to your accounts Hashtags like #followme #followforfollow #likeforlike. If you use these hashtags you will attract lots of Spam bots and irrelevant followers which will later unfollow you. So don’t use them.

6. Hashtags generator for Instagram

There are lots of Hashtags generator for Instagram which you can use to get the hashtags that are trending and are relevant to your post. These tools save your time on finding the hashtags but these tools aren’t free you can use their trial version.

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